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Unveiling Transformers Rise of the Beast Studio Series Optimus Primal and Mirage Figures

Transformers Rise of the Beast Studio Series Optimus Primal and Mirage Figures

The highly anticipated Transformers Rise of the Beast movie has sparked excitement among fans worldwide. As the film’s release draws nearer, we were recently treated to a first look at the Studio Series Optimus Primal and Mirage figures. These new additions to the Transformers toy line offer intricate details and capture the essence of their on-screen counterparts. In this article, we will delve into the features of these figures and explore their significance in the Transformers universe.

Mirage: A Detailed Delight


One of the standout figures from the upcoming line is Mirage. Initial impressions of Mirage in the film sparked some skepticism among fans, with many hoping for Jazz to take the spotlight. However, after seeing the movie, it became apparent that Mirage’s role was well-crafted and brilliantly executed. The attention to detail in the figure is commendable, capturing the essence of the character from the movie.

During a recent Hasbro live stream, it was revealed that Mirage’s head would receive additional paint, enhancing the figure’s overall appearance. Such tweaks demonstrate the continuous effort to refine these figures even during production.

Optimus Primal: A Classic Representation

Optimus Primal, a beloved character from the Beast Wars series, has received the Studio Series treatment. As expected, this figure embodies the essence of the original character while incorporating modern design elements. Optimus Primal retains his signature weaponry, and his transformation is anticipated to be one of the more straightforward processes among the leader class figures. Fans of the Beast Wars series will appreciate the faithfulness to the character’s original design, staying true to the iconic visual aesthetic that made him a fan favorite.

Color Palette Considerations

Optimus Primal

While Optimus Primal’s figure design is faithful to the Beast Wars version, some fans have expressed concerns about the color scheme. The heavy reliance on dark grey and black tones has left some wishing for more vibrant accents in the robot mode.

Despite this feedback, the figure’s overall design and attention to detail make it a worthy addition to any Transformers collection.

Pre-order and Retail Availability

Excitement for these figures is building, and pre-orders have already begun. If you missed the initial pre-order window, fear not, as they will soon be available at major retailers like Walmart, Target, and Amazon in the coming months. This wider release ensures that fans have ample opportunities to acquire these sought-after Studio Series figures.

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Mirage: The Standout Figure

While both figures have generated interest, it seems that Mirage will steal the spotlight within this wave of Studio Series releases. The attention to detail and the level of craftsmanship put into capturing the character’s essence make Mirage an impressive addition to any collection.

As Transformers enthusiasts eagerly await the release of the Rise of the Beast movie, having this figure on display will undoubtedly enhance the anticipation and build excitement for the film.

Final Thoughts

The Transformers Rise of the Beast Studio Series Optimus Primal and Mirage figures have ignited enthusiasm among fans. The attention to detail and accurate representation of these characters in figure form is commendable. While Mirage takes center stage with his intricate design, Optimus Primal evokes nostalgia with his faithful Beast Wars representation.

As pre-orders are now available and retail availability is on the horizon, fans have ample opportunities to add these figures to their collections. With the upcoming release of the Rise of the Beast movie, these Studio Series figures will serve as treasured memorabilia and a reminder of the timeless allure of the Transformers franchise.

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