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Spider-Man Homecoming (2017)

It’s a homecoming, indeed, I can’t even tell you how fun this movie was. This is a total spoiler-free review of Spider-Man Homecoming. After two viewings I feel the way the film was done was very Deadpool; from the start to the ending. This makes sense given the connection in the comics the two have. Given we’ll likely never see the two on screen, we hope that will change now. Ryan Reynolds and Tom Holland together on screen would be like watching the Avengers for the first time again.

What I love about this film, more so than the film itself is the fact Sony and Marvel made the film the way it should have been done. Sony is going to walk away big time with a ton of cash and this is going to open the doors. I feel this is the reason Marvel has not released any film titles or anything to do with them after the end of Phase 3. Only Spider-man is the center of what is to come after. Just like Iron Man was the center part of the MCU up to this point, it’s a massive risk for Marvel to make Spider-Man a center part of the MCU going forward because they don’t even own the rights.

Sony Still Owns Spider-man

I know there is a lot of talk and rumors about how the deal works. It’s a joint deal, neither studio is paying any money to the other. They don’t need to worry about one studio cheating the other out of money. Sony owns Spider-Man, they make Spider-Man movies, and they make the money. Spider-man then will cameo in Marvel films and Sony gets nothing.

That is not totally true, they will get something. See Marvel is doing all the work, that is why I feel the Venom and Silver & Black films are in fact part of the MCU. Just not in the way we’re thinking.

Spider-Verse Phase 1

Not to get too off-topic about the film, but the film set up a lot of cameos, easter eggs, and nods and foreshadowing to what is to come. I mean seriously the film was amazing. I feel Marvel and Sony are setting up a Spider-verse film series for the next phase of the MCU. Marvel will keep making films, such as Black Panther, Captain Marvel, etc. Sony will make not just Spider-man stand-alone’s but also spin-offs such as the upcoming Venom film.

Spider-Man Homecoming did everything right

Not once did I find myself taking out, I didn’t feel like they did something just to do it. He felt very Spider-Man-like, such as he was just starting to really get into the role of the character. Let’s not forget the villain, one of the weak points of the MCU up to now, has been having strong villains. I must say, I didn’t think the vulture could hold his own movie, and the way they put in the Shockers or shockers I should say into the film was perfect. I loved how they did it.

Speaking of the Vulture

I would like to give praise to one of the best villains I’ve seen in a Spider-Man Film. Yes go ahead and yell at me, while Doc Ock played by Alfred Molina was pretty well done, I felt like they lost something with the character when they totally rewrote it to fit into the story they wanted to tell. That doesn’t mean they did a bad job. Heck, even Michael Keaton’s take on the classic vulture was great. Yes, they changed the character a whole lot from the comics.

One thing I’ve noticed is that a whole lot of comic book villains are rewritten and changed to fit the plot of the movie. Just think of another film Keaton was in, Batman which had the Joker as the one who killed his mom and dad, and in turn, Batman turned him into the Joker. All done purely for the plot and story.

I surely hope we see Keaton return to the role in the follow-up films. I feel one thing Spider-Man can do, that even ALL the Batman and most of every other Superhero film seems to fail at, is keep your classic villains alive.

Another Viewing

While I saw the film opening night, I went and saw the film again on Sunday to get another take on the film. Yes, Spider-Man Homecoming is not a perfect film, and yes there are some flaws. For example, I could care less about Liz. Not that the actress Laura Harrier didn’t do a great job with what they gave her. I’m glad that they didn’t focus on Peter’s love life. I think for a 3rd reboot it was best to have it in the background and focus on Peter being Spider-Man.

Donald Glover as Aaron Davis was something I feel a whole lot of people have overlooked. This, in fact, leads or could lead to something else, which I’m not going to spend too much time talking about. In fact, it’s a whole other topic to talk about. But for those who want to know, Donald Glover plays a character who in the comics is known as Prowler from The Ultimate Marvel comics.

In The Ultimate Marvel comic storyline, Peter Parker at a young age dies fighting the Sinister Six. It’s revealed that Prowler had stolen a spider which ends up biting his nephew. Miles Morales then becomes the next Spider-Man of that world. I feel that Marvel might be going this route, which sucks for actor Tom Holland’s run as Spider-Man might be short-lived.

It’s a Homecoming

Overall, Spider-Man Homecoming has everything we as fans wanted. Not only in a Sony Spider-Man film but in a Marvel film. It gave us just enough tease for the future. I feel will be the next big Marvel push after Phase 3 comes to a close. If you haven’t seen Spider-man Homecoming yet, go see it. Let me know on Twitter what you thought about it. As always, I’m going to dig deeper into the film with more spoil posts as the weeks go on. There is a lot to talk about when it comes to Marvel’s plans with Spider-Man. I feel set up in this film under our noses.

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