5 Months Later – Wrath of Man – the OutlawDan Cut

Jun 12, 2022Two Fat Guys at the Movies

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Welcome to another new episode of Two Fat Guys at the movie, featuring OutlawDan! In this week’s movie, we watch Wrath of Man. I’m proud to say I got it all done and up in time.

Join us as two guys head to the movies and we watch them and then tell you in a raw mostly unedited fashion what we thought of it. This season of Two Fat Guys at the Movies is going strong and we hope to keep going.

Wrath of Man the OutlawDan Cut, Let me know what you thought in the comments below.

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Professor M aka The Armadillo is a Creative Entrepreneur and CEO of Majin Planet. Founder of Majin Planet GO and host of Two Fat Guys at the Movies Podcast.

Two Fat Guys at the Movies’ Goal is to entertain with reviews of movies and TV right after watching them, first impressions, and spoiler reviews.

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