Majin Planet was the brainchild of Majin Mebs, a young Dragon Ball fan who created Majin Planet back on December 14th, 1999. Like him, I took started my journey with this thing we called the “web”. Myself, dating back to 1996, I’ve been wanting to run a website.

I don’t know, I was in high school, and I thought having a space on this “web” that everyone and anyone could see was awesome. My first website was called Richard’s DBZ Homepage. It soon grew into my first [dot] com in 1999, thanks to my mom’s credit card on Dell Host. All the way to Majin Planet today.

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There was something special about taking over Majin Planet in 2005 from Prince Majin Trucks and in 2006 when I choose to stop trying to run two websites when they kind of because of the same thing.

BansheeForce (Formly XfireSystems) merged with Majin Planet. for a full breakdown of Majin Planet’s history, everything from the beginning to current. You can also check out my history since 1996.

One thing I’ve always tried is to keep things as simple as I can. After all, there have been too many times in my life when things have gotten to be too much. I’ve broken, I’ve given up, but only for a time.

I’ve always wanted to keep things simple especially now in my 40s. I’ve almost in many ways slowly started to be a minimalist, even know I have a collection. I’ve started to understand the essentials to getting to the point of my life running this website. Whatever you wanna call it; has been to entertain people.

My passions; From Legos, Transformers, Anime, Marvel Comics, and Magic the Gathering, to collecting toys. I’ve always just wanted to entertain people.

Phase One

What is this about? Well, I guess you could say I had a mental breakdown. This year, 2023 has been a big eye-opener in what’s important to me.

I would be lying if I didn’t say I was giving it all up.

With a new fresh look, at the best that I can do and be, I’ve got a new goal and plan to not only build my own legacy, but Majin Planet as a whole. Not just a fan site about Dragon Ball Music Videos, but everything that is about me, as I am Majin Planet itself.

Welcome to Majin Planet.

If you’re looking for all the content there is to be had, all new and fresh content. Check out the Most Popular Posts, or the Archives which has everything. Be sure to check our daily updates on the progress of Phase One and the website in general.

“Majin Planet’s mission statement is to entertain and showcase the ideal of being a nerd, everything from tools of the trade in collecting, gaming, watching, and reading entertainment.”