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5 Reasons Why Iron Fist Isn’t a Total Disaster

There is something to be said about Marvel’s new TV show, Iron Fist. Everyone wants to talk about how it sucks. But I’ve come up with 5 reasons Iron Fist doesn’t suck. While I won’t go into great detail while I think it was a failure today. Because I’ve already talked about why Iron Fist is a Failure. I want to talk about why you should watch it. I feel many people focus so much on the bad that there is something special to have with Iron Fist it’s just a shortlist. Here are 5 Reasons Iron Fist Doesn’t Suck.

5 Reasons Iron Fist Doesn’t Suck

For all reasons that I can go into why Iron First sucks, I’m going to give you 5 reasons why it doesn’t suck. Granted it’s a shortlist and I had to think about this one rather hard. In my first impressions review of the series just after 8 episodes, it wasn’t great. But now that I’ve seen all 13 episodes, and taken into context what the show is about, the ending, the subplots, and the character of Danny it’s a rather small different opinion of the show.

1. The Mystical City Of K’un-Lun Exists

This was something that I had to do some research on, but in the comics, K’un-Lun is one of the Capital Cities of Heaven. This means that Marvel just said Heaven exists or at least their version of it. K’un-Lun is a city hidden inside another Dimension that only appears every 10 years. This would allow anyone to come and go as they wish. I’m guessing as long as you know where to go and the door’s location. It’s explained early on that it only opens up to the real world every 15 years. But it’s not fully stated if that is true or not.

2. The Hand and Madame Gao

For those of you who remember, back in Daredevil season 1, she was selling heroin that had a serpent symbol. Who would have guessed that was very similar to Danny Rand’s chest tattoo? Something that is pointed out by Danny. Seeing her return and knowing how strong she appeared in Daredevil leaves one to believe she would have something deeper connected to Iron Fist. Such as she could be the Crane Mother that Danny spoke of or a version of her. There is a good chance and it’s hinted at in the context that Gao might have been too K’un-Lun at some point. We also have the return of the Hand. It was cool to see deeper into the Hand and even get to see the Bride of Nine Spiders.

3. Claire Temple

The Defenders are coming! Well, at least we know that Claire is getting around and even more so she seemed to be a bit stronger than shown in the last few times appearing. Being the only one to appear in all the Netflix shows having first appeared as the night nurse to help out Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage. It’s rather cool to see her become a sort of Nick Fury-like character as she’s slowly going to bring them together to save New York in The Defenders. Now the only thing that would be cooler is if we get her in the MCU helping out those like Spider-Man!

4. The fighting is rather good

I’ll admit a show about someone who is a living weapon it doesn’t showcase that too much. Danny shows his powers here and there but this is supposed to be the start and it’s rather clear he left in the middle of his training. As such he hasn’t fully mastered the Iron Fist. Something I’m sure will either be fleshed out a bit more in the Defenders or season 2 of Iron Fist. While it’s not as rugged or badass as Daredevil, it doesn’t have to be. Iron Fist is a trained and very calm fighter using others’ force and inner peace to channel his chi rather than raw physical attacks. Danny isn’t like the others as he supposes to fight effortlessly so the fights aren’t flashy. Iron Fist is a different kind of fighter than what we’ve seen, even in the MCU itself.

5. The Defenders Don’t over Shadow

Yes, there is not much in terms of setup for the Defenders which I loved that the only real thing they end up doing was just showing us some other characters we’ve already seen in the other series. Such as Claire andJeri Hogarth. While it’s not too bad in 13 episodes. I was really afraid that Iron Fist would waste too much time trying to set up the Defenders. When Claire showed up and became part of the story it made sense. I didn’t question it too much as to why she’s here and not say helping out Luke Cage, she didn’t speak a heck of a lot of time with Luke Cage or with Jessica Jones but she did with Daredevil which she brings up a ton, not by name of course.

Don’t Miss Iron Fist on Netflix now, watch all 13 Episodes.

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