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After 25 years Ash Ketchum become the top Pokemon Master

I was 16 years old when Pokemon first aired in the United States. While the first episode was I Choose You!, it wasn’t the first one that aired. Now, it’s been so long, I honestly don’t remember if I started watching Pokemon on the day back in September. It may have been later in the fall when school started. Once the anime was out, I remember the hype to want to play the game.

One of the first things my dad did for me, was buy me the Gameboy Color that the following summer with Pokemon Red. I remember because I then passed down my Gameboy to my younger brother, and with my birthday money that year I got him Pokemon Blue. It was amazing and the two of us for many years battled it out, trying to be the best.

Pokemon was a big part of my Life

As I was in high school and growing older, Pokemon was still a big part of my life. In fact, Pokemon came from Japan, and the internet slowly became something in later 1996 for me. It sparked things, such as discovering that Voltron was based on a show called GoLion, Robotech was a mix of three shows, one of which being Macross. Then, of course, Dragon Ball becomes known.

But I wish to become a Pokemon master, going to summer school and battling friends and others. Even a teacher one time! Sometimes I would win, and sometimes I lost, badly. But like Ash Ketchum who dreams of being a Pokemon Master, I too wanted to be the best.

He’s Won some and Lose others

Ash has over the years defeated some top trainers and encountered some super rare Pokemon and saved the day a number of times. He’s become Region champ many times, and other times he has lost. He’s made new friends and more. While I have seen clips of the episode Ash wins.

Heck who couldn’t help it, it’s been on social media now for days.

Warning of Spoilers if you haven’t seen the episode. Also, it may get taken down from YouTube. Honestly, how they did the final battle was super special and I love the callbacks to what Ash has gone thru but also what his first Pokemon, Pikachu being Ash’s final Pokemon won him the day.

It only took 25 years

Some might be shocked and sad at the same time, that after 25 years of Pokemon anime, shows, and movies, Ash finally beat the top trainer in the Pokemon World Champion series. In the latest series Pokemon Ultimate Journeys, the first 12 episodes are currently on Netflix as of October 21st.

What is amazing to me, even know the latest few versions of the show, I wasn’t a fan of the animation. I haven’t watched a good 15+ years of Pokemon. Heck, I don’t really play the games anymore. While I play Pokemon Go here and there. A good 300 pokemon I just rub the back of my head going ‘huh?’ because those first 151, are so special due to watching it daily.

The Ending of Ash’s Journey

Now I really want to just watch the latest episodes of this series, because the animation doesn’t look as goofy as it was 3 years ago. Also, this may be the ending of the show. Last of all in terms of Ash as the focus.

The final episode of the season is called “Pokemon! I’m Glad I got to Meet You!, which is crazy because the premiere of Ash was “Pokemon – I Choose You!”

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