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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Trailer Thoughts?

Okay, I’ll admit we haven’t done a whole lot of Dragon Ball-related content here in a long time. I think honestly it comes down to a few things. First, we haven’t had an anime series since 2018 with Dragon Ball Super. Both with the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie that followed. There hasn’t been anything.

Yes, the Dragon Ball Super manga has been going on still. But honestly, I feel like it went in a whole different direction than I didn’t expect. Not to say that I’m not happy we are still getting Dragon Ball content out there, but honestly, after the anime ended, the story that came after has been a little blah for me. I’m also a big fan of the series. I just think the main characters became too powerful too quickly and bring in real threats now just well. Just isn’t there.

Dragon Ball Super was Special

The original show was special because the characters were growing and let’s be real, not everything can last forever. I think the issue is Dragon Ball should have become the story of Gohan and his kids and Goku and Vegeta should have fallen into the background, but that didn’t happen. So the main cast of the show/manga is pretty much background noise. Broly coming back and being retconned into the series was special and honestly was hoping Dragon Ball Super could come back following those events or even do them over with more detail.

But then why or how I missed the fact a new trailer dropped for a new movie of Dragon Ball Super dropped way at the start of October is beyond me. My first thought was when I saw, the title, Dragon Ball Super Superhero. What? Putting the same word like that is well meh.

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero?

Then to top the whole thing off. Superhero as a trailer looked more like a video game trailer for a new game. Even the title sounds like something that would be a game vs an hour-and-a-half movie. Dragon Ball Super is one of those animes that was special and once it ended I feel that was the end of the Goku era. Given that the manga is still going and has well gotten silly IMO and not at all epic to the point after about 5 or so issues after the “Super” anime ended I lost interest and haven’t read since.

Heck, I now and then check to see what’s up and it’s just so silly now that I don’t even want it to become an anime now. I feel the only thing that can save Dragon Ball is for it to come back as a massive time jump. Like how Dragon ball Heros is, something about a new character who has to live up to the legacy left behind him.

Kind of like that Dragon Ball MMO that we should have gotten but was scrapped and turned into the Dragon Ball Xenoverse games. Which don’t get me wrong are cool and all. BUTTTT it’s painful to see how an MMO and an RPG sort of smash together and not do either side of them good.

The Trailer

So if you watched the trailer you can see that it just looked weird. I’m not hyped at all and to top it off, it just looked bad. Like they didn’t even try. The last three Dragon Ball Movies were just good. Both story and animated-wise. I think Super Saiyan Blue is cool I just think it’s too far and even with Ultra Instinct, I don’t see any real threat other than taking power away from them now.

Don’t know, I’m not thrilled about this, which is kind of sad. Given how big of a fan I am. I’ll give it a shot, if it comes out in the US, I’ll watch it and give a review of it.

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