-- Events

Since the dawn of time, Majin Planet has featured in a few Music Video contests, (Fight Club, King of the Hill) which became Events in 2005.

Over the years Majin Planet events have taken place as big events for Majin Planet.

-- Year of the Majin

The Majin Planet Event Calendar started last year, breaking the year into 4 Quarters.

Q1: Fight Club (January 1st – March 30th)

Q2: King of the Hill (April 1st – July 31st)

Q3: Do or Die (August 1st – October 31st)

Q4: Infinity (November 1st – December 31st)

There will be special days in honor of Majin Planet history, there will be a special event and giveaway.


Why are the new Quarters broken up using old Event names, what about the other Events?

Other old events like a Saiyans Duel, Front Line, Final Evolution, and Blue Invasion will now be special days for Majin Planet in 2024.

More to come soon for future events!

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