A Bit of History

Welcome to Majin Planet, created in 1999 for the sole purpose of Fan Created Music Videos. In 2005, Darth Unrivaled now known as Professor M/The Armadillo took over merging the website Banshee Force (Formely known as XfireSystems). The merger was finished in 2008 with Majin Planet becoming a Fansite of all things entertainment and less focus on Dragon Ball and Music Videos.

Majin Planet

Majin Planet TV

Hosted by Professor Prime, our Toy expert and generally good guy. Host of both Prime Talk and Prime Reviews on Majin Planet TV.

My Friends Watch Kamen Rider

My Friends Watch Kamen Rider

Hosted by Professor M with Daniel Son, watching Kamen Rider shows from start to finish. Daniel Son reactions to Kamen Rider.

Majin Planet Music

Launching in 2022. Majin Planet Music features new and old music from Majin Planet’s past. Archive of past Music Videos.

Welcome to Majin Planet.com

Majin Planet GO

Our Live Stream Channel, hosted by Professor M. We live stream every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday’s. Check Twitter for updates as well as special streams.

Majin Planet REACT

Our New Reaction channel focus on Reactions from Professor M, Prime and more. Reactions to games, movies, TV and more!

Majin Planet History

Majin Planet was founded by MajinMebs on December 14th, 1999 as a Dragon Ball Fan website that focused on Fan Fiction and Music Videos. MajinMebs was a part of Majin Planet until 2003, by that time the ownership of the website has passed on to the combined forces of Corrupted Avatar and Prince Majin Trucks.

Prince Majin Trunks took over fully in 2003 and renamed the site Samurai Spirit until returning to Majin Planet in 2004. Darth Unrivaled the current owner of Banshee Force (Formerly known as XfireSystems, which started on February 13th, 1999 as an Entertainment site focused on Movies, Comics and Anime).

Darth Unrivaled ran Classic Majin Planet from 2005 to 2007. In 2006 Prince Majin Trunks returned with Majin Planet Generations (Majin-Planet.Net) while Darth Unrivaled’s Majin Planet Productions (Majin-Planet.com) battled out who the real and better Majin Planet was in the summer of 2006.

Of course, the two were in on the game that the two sites hated each other. While Majin Planet Generations returned to classic Majin Planet roots, Majin Planet Productions focused on new Enertainemtn content, such as movie, TV, anime, and manga reviews.


In late Fall 2006, after the Fight Club which saw Darth Unrivaled defeat Prince Majin Trunks in a match voted by fans. The two websites merged and the end of the Classic Majin Planet came to an end with the birth of Majin Planet (MajinPlanet.com) in 2007.

In that time, Majin Planet ran for 5 years until the first rebrand and merger with NeckarUnrivaled.com (A personal Blog) and HunterMastery.com (A World of Warcraft Blog). This also saw Darth Unrvialed’s official name change to Neckar Unrivaled in 2014.

The Return

By 2016, Majin Planet began streaming on Twitch and Mixer and more gaming become the website’s focus. With 2017 seeing the run of Majin Planet Events that took place monthly starting with Do or Die in fall 2016. This new event monthly style ran from 2017 to 2019, spaning over Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and then Facebook Gaming in fall 2019. Also in 2016 Neckar Unrivaled become known as Dick Armadillo or simply The Armadillo.

in 2018 Majin Planet’s new YouTube channel had grown to reviews of Toys, Unboxing, Gaming, and live streams. Majin Planet GO started in 2019 to focus on new content and events. The birth of Majin Planet TV started in 2020 with streaming on Facebook Gaming. Majin Planet become more a Toy and Gaming centered in 2020 until about 2021.

Majin Planet GO

Midway in 2020, The Armadillo become known as Professor M or Professor Majin. In fall 2021, Majin Planet once again had a rebrand and in early spring 2022, Majin Planet TV was split into Majin Planet TV (Movies, Entertainment), Majin Planet (Toys), Majin Planet Music, Hunter Mastery (Warcraft), Majin Planet VOD (Past Streams) and The Armadillo (Card Games).

Since 1999, Majin Planet has changed themes a few times but the goal has always been the same, to bring you great content and entertainment. Going forward Majin Planet now focuses on fandom and entertainment with the new Event themes break downs with Majin Planet’s taking from the past for the future.

Year of the Majin

In 2022, Majin Planet is breaking up into the Year of the Majin which is broken up into 4 Quarters. Each of these Event time frames will also have a running content giveaway for our community as they watch us live on Facebook Gaming. Watching, leaving comments, and sending Stars will earn you points which are all counted by Nox Bot which runs while we’re living on Facebook Gaming.

Q1: Fight Club – Jan 1st, 2022 to March 31st, 2022

Q2: King of the Hill – April 1st, 2022 to June 30th, 2022

Q3: Do or Die – July 1st, 2022 to September 30th, 2022

Q4: Infinity – October 1st to December 31st, 2022.

Why are the new Quarters broken up using old Event names, what about the other Events? Other old events like a Saiyans Duel, Front Line, Final Evolution, Blue Invasion will now be special days for Majin Planet in 2022.

  • Blue Invasion will be on March 12th, 2022.
  • A Saiyans Duel Special will be on April 4th, 2022.
  • Front Line Special will be on July 10th, 2022.
  • Final Evolution will be on October 12th, 2022.

These will be special days in honor of Majin Planet history with a video, post, or Live stream, which will have a one-time special giveaway for each of these special events.